Saturday, April 2, 2016

Ronda, Spain: Up and Up in Andalusia

Cold nights...steep grades...brilliant blue skies...limestone massifs...wide open spaces...friendly old folks with staffs walking in the late afternoon...
bella España!
Is it possible that the first campsite could very well be the best of the whole trip?

Morning descent from El Torcal National Park

In France it was vineyards, in Spain it is olive groves.

Our route took us through the unexpected Garganta del Chorro, a narrow gorge carved through the contact between Jurassic limestone and conglomerate.
At the end of a day of seemingly perpetual uphill grades, we arrived at the picture-perfect hill town of Ronda.

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Bonnie said...

Wow! So beautiful! Yes, must be world's best camping spot. Wondering if you two will take in a flamenco dance and music performance while in Andalucia, official home of flamenco? I love flamenco. Or, maybe you could take dance lessons, then teach us all, when you get home! Happy bicylcing 2 U. Bon, enjoying and early "springtime" over here.

Ann said...

I thought of you guys yesterday, with infinite respect. I went for a ride while visiting at my mom's on a very low-grade borrowed bike. I hadn't ridden in awhile, on top of the bike being so poor, and it nearly killed me. I thought of all of the hills you do on these trips. The worst part was when my bike seat turned into a teeter-totter and I had no crescent wrench!! Bravo on all of those hills, and the campsite is lovely!

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