Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Málaga, Spain: A Long Way From Home

We are back in Europe. The appeal of bike travel and a strong dollar has pulled us back. The plan is to do a circuit of Spain and Portugal for two months, starting and ending in the city of Málaga. We managed to haul our jet-lagged bodies to walk through city center and to the top of the hill where the 11th century fortress Alcazaba offers a panoramic view. It is spring in all its glory right now -- cool temperatures and blue skies. The distant hills where we will bike through tomorrow look very much like the chaparral of Southern California. But the white-washed houses dotting the slopes is the first clue that we are far from home.
View from Alcazba overlooking the harbor in Málaga
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Ann said...

Welcome back! (to Europe, that is)

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