Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rangiora, NZ: A Love Story

I am afraid my husband's heart belongs to another.  It is not surprising -- she can be really smooth, with a natural style and impeccable taste.  Apparently this passion has been going on for years, long before we were married, when John was just a young pup in his twenties.  They have been meeting at lunch nearly every day since then, an afternoon delight one could say.

When they first met, she only hung out in one place.  But now she can be found at stores we go to all the time.  When we came here to New Zealand, he took up with cheaper substitutes from Australia and China.  But they lacked the purity and quality of his first love from home.

That is until we discovered Bin Inn, and the spin-off SimpliFood.  She could be found there.  So began his obsession, to find the list of stores in this small country, get his fill at each one to hold him over until the next encounter.  No longer was our traveling driven by finding natural wonders.  No, he was always trying to get to her. 

This jealousy is enough to drive me nuts.  The only explanation I have is like my mother always said, that a way to man's heart is through his stomach.

The last liason was here, in Rangiora.

She has a corner in this store, between buckets and canisters full of bulk foods.

She tries to disguise herself by getting near others with different perfumes.

Sure, Bin Inn has other temptations not found so easily in the USA.

Caught in the act!
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Monica said...

That was funny! Now we all know.

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