Saturday, November 27, 2010

Redwood Valley, NZ: Dear Murtons

Dear Angela, Peter, Andrew, and Ben,

It wasn't enough for you to open your spare room to us, feed us, let us store our bikes while we hiked, wash our clothes, make us feel like family.  But you arranged for the most spectacular warm sunny day to take us sailing.  In the most wonderful boat built by Peter, that turned heads everywhere it went.

The able crew sets up the sails in preparation for launch.

Number one son Ben kayaking on the beach of Fisherman's Island

A Murton family portrait

A little island, where Andrew snorkeled with the  seals.
It was a full day -- thanks for encouraging me to go for a snorkel, and not laughing too much as I wiggled into your wetsuit.  Looking down and seeing the seal swim beneath me is an image I won't soon forget.  We were all so tired from the sun and wind and water -- it was so quiet in the car on the drive back.

You have a good life there in Redwood Valley.  The wine tasting was fun, but the cider was even better.  And I hope it rains soon so your fruit and nut trees and vegetables grow as strong and healthy as Ben and Andrew.

And we wish you the greatest success with the business, and all the physical and financial challenges that come with it.  We are in awe of the quality of craftsmanship that goes into your work.

Restoration in progress on a boat dating from the late 1890's.

Beautiful classic lines to this old boat, almost fully restored.

The workshop with a menagerie of boats in various stages of restoration.

So here is a shameless plug for Murton's Timbercraft -- the best place for all your custom boat, furniture, and other wookworking needs --

A million thanks, and Auf Wiedersehen!

Love, John and Doris

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