Saturday, October 30, 2010

Putaruru, NZ: A Most Beautiful Thing

It wasn't on any of our maps or described in our guidebook.  We only learned of it from the clerk at the motel/holiday park, when we asked if a particular road went through to our destination.

She said if we went that way, we should stop at the spring.  The Blue Spring.  

I asked if it was a warm spring.  Her eyes widened, and she said, oh no, it is deep and cold.

There wasn't even a sign on the road.  We have since learned that 60 percent of the bottled water in New Zealand comes from this source.

Water flowing from the ground never ceases to amaze me.

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smgeraghty said...

John and Doris,
I knew you were off on another adventure when I read John's comment in Adv.Cycling Mag. Great pictures! We pray that your trip is a safe one.
Your warm shower friends from Forest Hill,MD
Steve and Frann Geraghty

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