Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tatamagouche, NS: Dear Wayne and Bridget

Dear Wayne and Bridget,

We were a bit surprised to get that flat tire. It was the first one John has had since Rome. In fact, it was not a new puncture at all, but rather the patch that sealed the hole from that Italian glass shard that finally wore out after 9,000+ kilometers. And your driveway was just right there, with a sliver of shade just wide enough to work under. We realized you were friendly folks when you sent your grandson down with the air compressor. And then you invited us for drinks, and there was a pitcher of ice tea dripping with sweat it was so cold. And snacks, too. All we hoped for was maybe a corner of your lawn to set up our tent. But within 10 minutes you offered us your spare room and a shower, and, well, basically run of the entire house and the contents of the refrigerator while you were away for the evening. That mac and cheese was mighty tasty, by the way.

We loved your 150-year old house, the swim in the ocean, the way the breeze came through the windows of our room during the night, the country quiet, our conversations, and the oatmeal and bagels in the morning. When we think of Nova Scotia, we will always remember you.

Thanks for your trust and good company.


John and Doris
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Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see you are having a good trip. You have beautiful pictures!

take care!

isabelle (physio from Quebec city!!)

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