Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ellsworth, ME: The Maine Triumvirate

Maine south of Bar Harbor is more populated and the roads busier due to summer tourist traffic. And why do these East Coasters flock to Maine? Why, to shop and eat, of course. And the scent of a bargain does not escape us, so a stop at the LL Bean outlet store was attractive for a couple of reasons -- they had air conditioning and lots of outdoor gear. We ended up buying enough stuff to fill a box, which John transported strapped to the rear of his bike till we could get to a post office to send it home.

And the other two icons of Maine? Blueberries and lobster, and we consumed both outside of Freeport. I have been carrying a list of good places to eat in Maine, and this was our last opportunity to eat at a bonafide lobster pound before leaving the state. It was 30 miles from our campsite, which is achievable before lunch. But add a few hills and a few stops, and it was a bit past the hour when we need to eat. So, arriving in a famished state, we plopped down $40 for a lobster roll, a crab roll, clam chowder, two huge chunks of sweet, moist cornbread (with butter, of course), and a slice of homemade blueberry pie with true vanilla ice cream. Sorry, remedying my LBSE (Low Blood Sugar Event) took precedent, and the thought of taking a photo did not even enter my mind. Trust me, it was supreme.
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Cody and Andie said...

Hey John and Dorris!
I have really enjoyed reading about your trip! It is quite a fascinating journey! I hope you guys are ready for a big winter at June! can't wait to see ya when you get back!
all our best,
Cody and Andie

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