Friday, July 10, 2009

L'Anse-au-Clair, NL: 12 Hours in Labrador

Somewhere along the way on our cruise we crossed a time-zone, so when we disembarked from our ship we were an hour ahead and night was falling. We had reservations for a B&B 9 kilometres from the dock, over the border in Labrador. And by crossing that border, we jumped another time-zone, but this one was only a half-hour. (What is with this half-hour time zone?) We were all mixed up, since the dock where we arrived and were to depart the next morning was half an hour off from where we slept, but where we slept was on the same time zone as where we were going, and the ferry departure/arrival times were not the same as the dock time but were the same as the destination time. So I think we were in Labrador for about 12 hours...someone get me a calculator.

It was a foggy, gray morning when we had to go back over that 9 percent grade back into Quebec. We left good and early just in case there was a time calculation error. At the top of the grade we met our bunkmates from the cruise. They were on their motorcycles, returning from their night in the other time zone -- propelled by motors, they were able to go 20 kilometres further to Red Bay, where they saw icebergs. We snapped photos of each other before heading to the dock for the ferry crossing to Newfoundland.

This ferry crossed the Strait of Belle Isle to the Northern Peninsula of Labrador. This crossing is an important transport route, and we watched as truck after truck disappeared into the cargo hold of the ship.

It was a foggy crossing the couple of hours to St Barbe. From here our journey along the west coast of Newfoundland would begin. It was good to be cycling again, whatever time it was.
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