Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mantane, QC: Scenes from Bas-Saint-Laurent

There are two optimisims we live by (I made up that word, by the way) -- with every uphill there is a downhill, and after it rains the sun will shine. And it was blue skies for the two days from Saint-Simon to Mantane.

Below are a few images from those couple of days.

We followed a linear valley that paralleled the St Lawrence River. The topography is controlled by tilted beds of the northern extent of the Appalachian Mountains. Fog from the river began to spill over the ridge separating us from the coast as the morning wore on.

Unusual lighthouse at Pointe-au-Père, built in 1909. It is at this place that the St Lawrence narrows significantly, and skilled boat pilots were in residence on this promontory. They were ferried out to ships wanting to navigate the treacherous channel, where they would assist in a safe passage.

Cemetery and church in Sainte-Luce at dusk. The church was located directly on the banks of the St. Lawrence. The headstones became older as we walked from the outskirts of the cemetery to the sites next to the church, as far back as 1850.

Banded and twisted metamorphic rocks on the shore of the St Lawrence.

The sign outside a tiny cheese factory where we bought our protein for lunch. There were two women wearing white coats and hair nets working inside, wrapping disks of Camembert cheese. One stopped long enough to give us a sample, which was mighty tasty. Happy cows make for good cheese.
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