Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Winter No More

Bears do it, bees do it, and birds do it. And so do we. After a winter of (virtual) hibernation, we are flying and we are migrating. GoSeeDo has been a bit silent over the past few months, but much like those bears emerging from winter slumber with eyes blinking in the sunlight, we are ravenous and ready for some action. And the blog has a new look, just in time for spring.

Not that it has been an uneventful winter, but rather a cycle of eat, sleep, work, ski that repeated for weeks at a time. Oh, and a little of what those birds and bees do every once in a while, too. Now, regarding that last form of recreation, it seems that some June Lake locals are a bit hardier than others. It was a dry January, no snow all month, and relatively mild temperatures. One night we were awakened shortly before midnight by loud scuffles on the roof directly above our bedroom. I pushed in my earplugs and turned over, but the commotion persisted. John heroically bundled up and armed himself with a large flashlight to see what animal was frolicking about on the roof. He pointed the beam towards the ruckus, and there was the full moon of someone's bare backside. But he was not alone – two legs stuck out on either side of him. John informed them they were directly above our bedroom, certainly ruining the romance of the moment. That must be some mighty strong stuff served at the bar next door. The next morning, John moved the newspaper stand with the footprints on top a bit further away from the fence adjacent to our roof line. So next time if someone asks “hey baby, wanna go up on the roof?”, you can choose to blush and grin like I do.

We left our little mountain world last Saturday, heading due west across the width of California, arriving with truck loaded with bikes and touring gear. It was the hottest day of the year – in the triple digits in the Sacramento Valley, and not too much cooler when we arrived at my sister's house in the Bay Area. Our winter metabolism gushed perspiration in response. Made me wish for those frosty days of winter just a bit, so I included a few winter shots to cool us all off.

John was the man in uniform this winter, working on the paid ski patrol staff at June Mountain, the local ski area a mile from our house. When it snows overnight, he needs to be at work early to do avalanche control work before the ski area opens. More than once we were shoveling our way from the house to the car in the dark of a winter morning. After throwing bombs and securing ropes and making it safe for the customers, and if he is lucky, he gets a glory run in fresh powder. The shot below (copyright, all rights reserved) of my hero was taken by our friend and fellow patroller Dick Erb. My guy smokes on skies.

As I write this we are on a plane, somewhere above the Southern Rockies, on a flight from Oakland to Detroit by way of Nashville. This is the first leg of a bike tour of Eastern Canada. This trip we are web enabled, traveling with a 2-pound “netbook” and wireless card. Expect more GoSeeDo than ever before...stay tuned...

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