Thursday, May 21, 2009

Clearville, ON: On the Shore of Lake Erie

We spent a good portion of our second day on the road pushing against a 25 mph oblique wind. But all was forgotten when we arrived at our refuge for the night -- a grassy campsite under an old apple tree in full spring bloom. Rotund black bumblebees were humming amongst the blossoms, intoxicated enough on nectar not to bother us. The sweet aroma was as delicate as the translucent petals that would float down and cover us like snow. The site was steps away from a bluff overlooking the battered shore of the great Lake Erie where we watched the sky go from blue to pink as the day faded from day to dusk.

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louise said...

Hi Doris and John,
Hope you are enjoying the falls and have a good trip north. We loved meeting you yesterday and are now loving your blog.
How do you get organized in your tent? Al and I take up a whole motel room every night!
Happy riding.
Louise and Alan

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