Sunday, September 14, 2008


Aided by a tailwind, we cruised westward along the Elbe River into the city of Dresden. We pulled into the city in early afternoon, and from the opposite side of the river we could see the spires and towers of the skyline of the historic city center.

The dome of the Frauenkirche is once again is part of that skyline. The city of Dresden was essentially leveled during World War II. Decades of reconstruction have brought many landmarks back. This renovation was completed only recently. Previously there was just a pile of rubble as a reminder of the ravages of war.

Our ultimate goal was the suburb of Radebeul, west of Dresden. There live the “crazy” cousins that led us along the cliffs of the Dolomites a couple of weeks previously. For a s few days we stayed with them – a bit of R&R, a bit of sightseeing, and lots of good food and wine.

The town of Radebeul stretches from the shore of the Elbe River into some low but steep hills to the north. The buildings with in the town are large, substantial block structures. My cousin Pia and her family, however, live in a house that is very unique – a several centuries-old half-timbered barn converted into a dwelling for two families.
Previously used for wine processing, it now sits on a terraced slope surrounded by vineyards, bee hives, raspberry bushes, special al fresco dining spots and a little swimming pool.

Modernized with all the modern conveniences of plumbing and electricity, the interior is warm and roomy with many natural wood fixtures. It retains the rustic character of former times.
From a work shed on the property we could climb on the roof for a sweeping view of the house, a unique place on the edge of the city.

We rode our bikes along the Elbe River for a day trip in the town of Meissen, another former fortress town famous for its porcelain.

A day trip in Dresden also brought us to the building where my mother was born. Another (if not the most) significant historical site along the Elbe River!
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Anonymous said...

Great pictures. You have sure had a great trip. Are you back in June Lake? When do you come back? See you soon.
Jim Williams

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