Thursday, July 3, 2008


We arrived in the campground on the shores of Froggensee. Glancing at the detailed weather report posted on the bulletin board, the forecast was for clear weather for the next few days -- the unusually wet pattern we had experienced for the last few weeks would be replaced by a high pressure system over the Azores. And by the time evening arrived, the clouds blew out, leaving us a clear view of Neuschwanstein castle from our campsite (it is the light-colored building at the base of the highest peak in the above photo, at the 11 o´clock position. ) In the skies above us paragliders were celebrating the clear skies with launches from the tops of the nearby ski lifts.

The next morning we biked up to the castle and looked down at our campsite on the edge of the lake.
Neuschwanstein is the castle that was the inspiration for Walt Disney´s castle. This castle was also built by the romantic Bavarian King Ludwig II. It was built nearby Hohenschwangau, the summer palace where he spent his summers in his childhood years, which is the reddish building just to the right of center of the above photo. We visited both castles on a brilliant day -- blue skies, puffy clouds, sunshine.

King Ludwig II nearly depleted his fortune building this and other castles, until his mysterious drowning at the age of 41. He never lived in the castle, and the interior is as rich, opulent, glitzy, and lush as it gets -- this guy loved to decorate. We felt lucky to have this view on such a pleasant day from the nearby Mary´s Bridge.
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