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Monday, March 31, 2008

Out of (Virtual) Hibernation

Winter has nearly passed -- just another paragraph in the book of life. The past several months have have been unexceptional – a simple prose of skiing, an occasional exclamation mark of a powder day, with parenthetical trips to Southern California for business and family visits. But this winter is nearly over. The gritty snow drifts around town are visibly shrinking in size on a daily basis. The sun is higher on the horizon, the days are warmer, and birds are singing in celebration. And so this virtual hibernation is over, spring is here, and we are on the edge of a new adventure, a new chapter.

In a couple of weeks our bikes will be packed in boxes and we will join them on an airplane to Rome. Our timing could not be better – the dollar is at an all-time low compared to the Euro. But life is too short, and we are strong of leg. We will travel simply, with everything we need on our bikes, camping through Northern Italy and Germany for the next five months, fueled by good cheese and bread. My husband says his name is now Giovanni, having diligently studied Italian for weeks so we may navigate our way through the culture. I am responsible for German, having the advantage from immigrant parents. And we look forward to reunions and new unions with family in Germany.

So, stop by again soon. You are welcome to join us for the ride.




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